Terms and Conditions

We protect our visitors and committed towards them with out privacy policy. The personal data and information of the visitors is in safe hands and kept with care so the visitors trust us. We assume that every visitor at our website has read the policy and agree to the terms and conditions of using this site. Our services and processing are according to this policy.

Visitor’s Rights

This website is promising towards the visitors and its data. The processing of data is transparent and fair. The use of information is lawful and further information can be provided upon request of the users.

We only use personal data for the purpose as mentioned. Those are only limited to the purpose and will not be used for any other purpose.

We only ask for nominal data that is must required for communication and interaction at the site.

We do not keep the data/information of the users for longer. It is only stored for a limited period of time.

We ensure the confidentiality, accuracy and integrity.

We subject certain rights to our visitors so they feel them secure while visiting us.

Visitors have right to information about the purpose of asking for their data, how and why we collect that and where it is being used.

Visitors have right to collect and access the data about them. They can have a copy of their personal data.

We give rights to the visitors to correct their data. They can send a request to ensure that the data is correct and complete. They can rectify it if required.

If the visitors want to get their data removed from the website, they can send a request and it will be removed from our records.

Visitors can restrict the site for the processing and use of their data. They can also object to processing of data. The automated processing of the data can be objected.

If any of the request is refused or unattended regarding right to access or removal of data or any other clause of privacy policy, visitors can make a complaint.  You can also claim the damages.

Visitors of the site can withdraw their consent about processing of data anytime.

Information we need

We ask for name, email, address and contact information for the mentioned and limited purpose.

There is some information that is collected automatically when the users come at this website. It includes IP address, cookies, time zone settings, browser type, plugin, URL and clickstream and visit history. It is for the consumers to provide them a good experience and better services.

We collect information from our partners as well, with consent and confirmation of the legal grounds with the.


Visitors can leave their comments on the websites through the comments form, that are visible on the site after review and approval. They are automized and connected with the email. The automation for spam detection is also applicable so make sure you post relevant and helpful comments.

Images and Media

You should not upload any photo on the website as that would be accessible for the other users. They can watch and download the.

Contact Us Form

We have introduced contact us form to stay in touch from your and hear from you. You can send us suggestions, requests and queries through contact form.

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