About Us

About Us

People are passionate for photography and cameras. They are always looking for the models of cameras that are best suitable for their photography needs. This desire of having a DSLR and enthusiasm of finding a good one has inspired me to develop and create a platform that is authentic for information about Canon 80D. People can come and check the latest models of DSLR and professional cameras to shot the best.

The information about the newest and upgraded professional cameras helps photographers in choosing the right one for them. There are so many advanced cameras having an outstanding performance that is perfect for enthusiast photographers. Canon 80D is solid choice that is ideal for the passionate entry level photographers.

We are here to test the camera and know details about features and present a real review that will be helpful for the consumers.

Canon 80D

As it is mentioned earlier that the camera is best suitable for those who are new in photography; has a power zoom. It has 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6. It supports SD, HC, XC card for more storage option. The battery life of the camera is admirable as we have found through the reviews of others. The LCD screen of 3 inches and clearer view helps making better frames and shot intelligently.

Among the cameras of its type, Canon 80D is the best with its performance, size and price. You can read and know more about DSLR that you should have at this website. We only recommend what we find authentic about the products and what is in the best of their interests. The blog users are also welcomed to share their own experiences and opinion about the camera.

We are not biased and also share the cons of the products other than pros. The features missing or needed to be improved are mentioned. When you know about a certain limitation of the camera you can find a better alternative of that feature. Though it has more of the features that are required for a professional shot, still the experience can be improved with the help of some other tools like an extra charged battery, SD card for memory, supportive lens and other stuff.

They kit of canon D has the essential parts, stand and every tool. This is the platform to know about a camera that you would love to hold in your hand and love more for its result and photography.