Canon Digital DSLR Camera EOS 80D

Canon is the top brand with the remarkable cameras that are masterpieces in the world of photography. Canon’s 80D is the upgrade of 70DDSLR that every photographer need. It is the latest model of canon with improvement. It is the dynamic camera for capturing a precise and stabilized image.

It has an intelligent and creative view to bring the thrill in photography. The camera is not only for capturing beautiful and HD images but also build the personality of the holder. The enthusiast-level of the camera is exciting to experience that is created for photography lovers.

It has an amazing picture quality, high-performance lens and brilliant sensor that is all you need for sophisticated photography. The features, design, and accessories of the camera are great that the users love. The vision is so clear and amazing they you will fall in love with photography again and again.

It has a high speed with fast, quiet and smooth transitions. This model is compatible with a range of lenses and accessories to level up the photography and images. The features of the camera are much appealing with its reasonable price. Such features with an affordable price are great. The battery, the strap, and the kit are as expected.

How is image Quality?

Firstly, we are not comparing the image quality of canon 80D with the previous canon 70D and neither with the other enthusiast of Nikon or Pentax. It is the first camera that has EOS crop sensor that captures “fine detail picture”. If we compare the default picture or standard image of DSLR with fine detail picture based on ISO; at the base, IOS picture is really detailed and improved. Fine detail image generates sharpening halos less obvious and edges that are high-contrast. But there is visible noise, lower contrast, and exposure that gives an overall appearance of the image less pop, as compared to a standard image. There is a little difference between the two images when its color, tone, saturation and contrast and the settings are the same. However, the latest canon 80D presents flexible settings option for sharpness, threshold, tune, saturation, contrast, and finesses. Users can make combinations of choice and a better combination.

Now if we compare its image with 20mp of 70D; the newer has more details, though the difference is very little. There is also less noise at base ISO.

How is Battery Life?

The battery life of canon 80D is surprisingly nice. It is pretty good for longer shoots to have the users have reported that they have been using it for about 3 hours continuously. That means if you have a session of 90 minutes with this camera, there will be still half of the battery left. You shoot documentaries and interviews easily with the battery of this camera. It also works well with third party batteries if you need to use. You can keep spare batteries with you if you are traveling for a shot and the camera will support them as well. It is good if you use genuine canon batteries with the camera. Users have reported completing the filming and video session with only 2 batteries of canon 80D.

How Does it Perform in Low Light?

It might not be called the best camera for the performance in low light but if we look at the other canon cameras and their performance in low light it is better than 5D mark IV that was the best option of the series. In terms of the image quality and AF performance, 80D can beat the low-light performance. It is a solid high-performance camera that is a good choice for working in low light. The ISO performance is even better and improved than 6D Mark II that was considered good for this. If you compare it with the high-end Canon cameras that might not be good comparison but it surely a good choice for the job done.


It is a 24.2 Megapixel camera (APS-C).

It has an intelligent viewfinder that helps to frame and make it easy to use. The viewfinder shows AF points and modes. It also has grid display for the perfect frame, freezing and resuming shots and so much more. The horizontal electronic level and many other information points on the screen help photographers capturing the perfect image.

Canon 80D has a high-performance AF operation. It has a wide area, all cross-type, 45 point and AF operation with low light shot to EV-3 and 4 types of modes for selection of area. The AF points of the lens vary and depend on the lens you are using. You can use it for dim light shoots.

The DSLR has CMOS sensor for clicking the HD images. The high-resolution results of the camera with remarkable ISO speed is great. It has ISO speed of 16000 for still photographs and 12800 for filming and video.

The brilliant shutter along with the 7.0 fps shoot ability for the continuous shoots is the guarantee for fast working.

The precise focus of the camera is fun to use. It is a creative camera for passionate photographers.

The refined quality and DIGIC 6 Image Processor provided great speed and performance.

The body of the camera is water and dustproof. It is seal packed so the environment does not damage the camera.

The built-in Wi-Fi technologies let you shoot better with connect of the app. The app is compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android. You can use it with iOS9.3, 10.3, 11.2 and Android smartphone and tablet versions of 4.4, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1.


The viewfinder of the camera is great for precision.

The smooth and fast shutter speed of the camera lets the photographer capture more.

Canon 80D is compatible with a range of more lenses for an improved experience.

The camera has all for the passion of photography.

The dual-layer sensor of the camera captures interesting photos.

It has weather-resistant body to save it from moisture and dust.

The camera has quick processing.

It is a great choice for passionate photographers.

It is one step ahead than 70D.

The price of the camera is affordable and cheaper than other cameras with a similar level.

It captures attractive and beautiful images with a sensitive lens.

The camera has a wider autofocus for amazing and inspiring shots.


It does not have Canon’s ‘Intelligent Tracking.

It lacks Recognition’ (iTR) system that is available in upper models.

It captures the 7fps continuous shot.